Mannequins 1

male mannequin puppets on both hands and feet, but the important aspect of the position and method of selection was replaced by a model with a statement that makes these dolls.

The dolls around for centuries in one way or another, has been, but not before the discovery of a glass window, and began modeling retail clothing trade show.

This doll is anything but casual fashion exciting today, more than a puppet in fact a real scarecrow as a person, mainly because their bodies tend to be filled with straw.

It is also fulfilling its role well enough, and excitement, and that his interest in running for the sales of clothing store, or stores, where they are, but there are people who are female mannequins could be much greater than realized.

Dolls are an integral part of shop drawings, and communicate with the target group must be on the demographics of this market, an expression of lifestyle.

Dollhouse is a very important part of the shop drawings. Brand, positioning and more attractive, and require careful consideration with regard to construction.

Models these days come in all shapes, sizes and nationalities. Mannequin torso to the forefront of the designer a little abstract, colorful, or without clothes on mannequin heads, without affecting in any way.

Dolls, and potential buyers are comfortable in their purchasing decisions.

As a seller, you should try to attract commercial competition, and the right pattern of casual fashion will help a lot.

However, the "live" models, which are still valid in stores and galleries all over the world continues to change behavior, which aims to pull up - men and women in the street in

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