Samurai X ( Rourouni Kenshin )

This Anime story revolved around Kenshin and his friends. Kenshin comes to term with the discontent festering in his soul. He regrets the death and suffering he has caused and hopes to find a better life with the mysterious Tomoe. A conventional story would end on this note of self discovery and moral growth. But Samurai X unfolds like a Kabuki tragedy : the desire for revenge remains strong, especially among the agents of the last Tokugawa Shogun, who are anxious to crush the nascent rebellion led by the Chosu clan. Kenshin was an important agent for the Coshu and Tomoe is just a pawn, but the outcome of a game may hinge on a strategically positioned pawn. Kenshin finally grasp the lessons his master, Hiko, attempted to teach him the need for inner peace and the possibility of defending the weak without resorting to violence. This japanese animation is one of the best sword fighting anime.

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