Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Growing up in Los Angeles, Angelina Jolie is no stranger to the Hollywood film industry since 10 years ago. As an actress, she use her fame and popularity to do a charity works and Jolie also had been appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee in Switzerland after her visits to Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Pakistan. Angelina Jolie and Brad reportedly has donated one third of their income to the Jolie-Pitt Foundation which will help people especially the children from all over the world.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had been living together for 4 years since they first met during Mr. & Mrs Smith filming. At that time, Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston and Jolie had recently divorced with ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton. Even though both kept their romance a secret and denying any romantic relationship till January 2006 when they announced that Angelina was pregnant with their daughter.

Angelina already gave birth to daughter Shiloh and baby twins, Knox & Vivienne this year in France. They also had 3 adopted children, Maddox from Cambodia, Pax from Vietnam and Zahara from Ethiopia. Both of them were plan to adopt more children and were thinking of soccer team for their big happy family.

The 33-year-old actress starred in a big movie since she first started in the Hollywood industry. Angelina won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in Girl Interrupted year 1999. But she really made a big debut in Lara Croft film and later it becomes hit in theatre. Brad Pitt on the other hand, starred in film such Seven Years in Tibet, Interview with the Vampires, Legend of the Fall, Seven, Meet Joe Black, Ocean Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen. Last year, Pitt has received an award for his performance in The Assassination of Jesse James. Most of Pitt's film is with the A-List actor and actress in Hollywood.

There has a rumor that both of them getting married last year. But Brad and Angelina made a statement that they will not get marry unless all Americans could marry which referring to the same-sex marriage should be legalized. It seems that the wedding bell still too far away for them. Maybe we could just wait what's their next step.

Magic Knight Rayearth OVA

This anime OVA told the same story as Magic Knight Rayearth series but with a few different character design. The Story is a synopsis of the series from beginning until the final battle between the magic knights, Princess Emerald and Zagato. Zagato is the person who kidnapped and captured Princess Emerald. The ending is a battle of the giant mecha (robot). If you want to know the story after the battle you could watch the Magic Knights Rayearth series. Personally I don’t like the OVA but I like the series and the Manga (Japanese Comic).

Megan Fox wants to Look Like Salma Hayek

Salma HykeMegan Fox
Megan Fox
, who is--without a shred of doubt--one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood today, has some serious issues. The Transformers star reveals her deep-seated insecurities about her image in recent, perplexing interviews. She lamented that her gorgeous facial features were actually "manly" to her, that this "manliness" could very well lead her to "vomit," and that if she had to choose some other actress to emulate in terms of physical appearance, it would be hot mama and Latina actress Salma Hayek.

Megan, who started out her career as a model, has been hailed by countless magazines and other media outfits as one of the sexiest women in the world. Her debut appearance in the blockbuster action flick Transformers, for instance, got a lot of men drooling over her picture-perfect looks. Despite all this hoopla over her gorgeousness, Megan claims that whenever she takes a glimpse of herself in the mirror, what she sees instead of a piping hot babe is the image of 72-year-old director and M.A.S.H. actor Alan Alda staring back at her mockingly.

"I am pretty sure I am a doppelganger for Alan Alda. I'm a tranny. I'm a man. I'm so painfully insecure. I'm on the verge of vomiting now. I am so horrified and embarrassed," she cried.

Moving on from her facial features, she then began to criticize her perfectly plump breasts. She claimed that she felt great amounts of envy towards Salma Hayek, who she feels was luckier in the breast measurement department than she was.

"I love Salma Hayek's look. She looks beautiful and I really want her boobs. I really, really do." Hollywood, however, doesn't agree with Megan Fox's insecure griping. Ever since that stunning first performance in Transformers, Megan has been getting plenty of work in other films, including the comedy How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. In this film, she plays a young, drop dead gorgeous Hollywood starlet getting exposed to fame for the first time. Besides two more Transformers sequels, she is also slated to star in Jennifer's Body, Oscar-winning Diablo Cody's next comedy feature.

Kate Hudson Magazine Leading Lady

Kate Garry Hudson is an American actress known for Oscar-nominated turn as the band groupie Penny Lane in "Almost Famous." Lately Hudson has starred in a string of moderately successful romantic comedies and garnered a lot of attention in celebrity magazines for dating a string of Hollywood hunks. Hudson is the daughter of Academy Award-winning actress Goldie Hawn, who is best known for her perky personality and bohemian fashion sense. Hudson's father is Bill Hudson, a lesser-known actor, comedian and musician. Hawn and Hudson divorced when Kate was a toddler. Hawn raised Hudson, along with son Oliver in Colorado with her long-time partner actor Kurt Russell, whom Hudson considers to be her father.

While she appeared in several modest movies in the late 1990s, her breakthrough role came in 2000 as the band groupie Penny Lane in director Cameron Crowe's fictional musical bio-pic "Almost Famous," for which she received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress.

That same year, Hudson married Chris Robinson, front-man of the rock group The Black Crowes. People magazine reported the couple tied the knot in front of 70 guests in Hawn and Russell's Old Snowmass, Colo., backyard with a string quartet playing on New Year's Eve.

In the 2002 Hudson followed up her "Almost Famous" success with a starring role in the remake of the historical romance "The Four Feathers," with Wes Bentley. Unfortunately the film was panned by critics and audiences alike. However, her next movie, "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," grossed more than $100 million at the box office. The romantic comedy solidified Hudson as box office gold. Hudson followed up this success with the mediocre movies "Alex and Emma" and "Raising Helen."

In 2005 Hudson starred in the thriller "The Skeleton Key," which grossed more than $91.9 million worldwide and was a considerable success. She followed "The Skeleton Key" up with the successful comedy "You, Me and Dupree" in 2007.

In July 2006, Hudson sued the British version of the National Enquirer after they had stated that she has an eating disorder and described her as "painfully thin." Hudson said that the tabloid's actions were "completely inappropriate" and a "blatant lie," and specified her concern relating the impressions about weight that she feels the tabloid could have on young girls.

On November 18, 2006, Robinson filed divorce papers, citing irreconcilable differences. The divorce was finalized on October 22, 2007.

Celebrity magazines like People magazine, OK! magazine, Us Weekly and Star magazine reported rumors of Hudson having an on-set affair with her co-star Owen Wilson. The couple was photographed several times and appeared in People, Us Weekly and Star magazines. Hudson and Owen appeared to have a brief 4-month relationship. Afterward Hudson is dogged by celebrity magazines and seen dating Dax Shepherd and Lance Armstrong.

In 2007 Hudson directed the short film "Cutlass", one of Glamour magazine's "Reel Moments" based on readers' personal essays. "Cutlass" co-starred Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, Virginia Madsen, Chevy Chase and Kristen Stewart.

People magazine named Hudson one of its "100 Most Beautiful People" in 2008. Hudson appeared on the issue's cover.

In 2008, Hudson appeared in the romantic comedies Fool's Gold and My Best Friend's Girl. In 2009 Hudson will be seen in the comedy "Bride Wars" along with Anne Hathaway. Entertainment Weekly magazine recently announced Hudson will appear in the highly anticipated movie musical "Nine" alongside top actors Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman and Dame Judi Dench, to be released in the fall of 2009. Hudson subsequently appeared on the cover of W magazine.

For the first time, Hudson appeared on the cover of Elle magazine for the magazine's February issue.

Magic Knight Rayearth

This anime told a story about three junior high school girls which are brought together by fate when they hear a voice asking them to save the world. The land that calls them is named Cephiro and the voice belongs to Princess Emerald. She stands as the pillar whose will maintains the peace of this magical world where belief is power. But the peace in Cephiro is now threatened as Princess Emerald is imprisoned and monster begin to invade the peaceful land of cephiro. With her last bit of strength, the princess summons forth the three girls who must fulfill their destiny to become the Magic Knights in the hopes of saving her world. This Japanese animation has good adventure story and character design. The best thing in this anime is the Mecha (giant robot) design.

Megan Fox Bashes Tattoo Haters

I know thMegan Foxat I have already done a Megan Fox post on the Wednesday edition of Celebrity Tattoos. But none the less I had to write another post about her because she is bashing critics who claim that her tattoos are trashy. Megan has also stated that she will cover her whole body in tattoos just to spite these critics.
Megan said "Everyone hates them because they're closed-minded about tattoos. People who don't like me, as far as fans go, always talk about how I'm trashy because I have tattoos. I find that insane! This is 2008, not 1950. Tattoos aren't limited to sailors. I find them beautiful, so I'm going to keep doing it."Megan Fox I will admit that I do agree with Megan this isn't 1950 anymore and regular people including hot Hollywood actress have tattoos and most of the time have more than one. But I will say that her choices in some of her tattoos are a little interesting. That Marilyn Monroe tattoo she has on her arm sticks out like a sore thumb. But her other eight tattoos, in my opinion are not trashy at all. I really believe that it is okay to have a lot of tattoos on your body, as long as you carry yourself well and have confidence in yourself. I think that makes your tattoos become kind of sexy and not trashy at all. There are plenty other celebrities out there that have 5 or 6 tattoos and they are as pretty and sexy as they can be. And not to mention most people don't even know that they have that many tattoos.

Sharon Stone-The Fine Example Of Hollywood Success Story

Sharon Vonne Stone, born March 10, 1958 in Meadville, Pennsylvania was the second of four children; of Dorothy an accountant and homemaker, and Joseph Stone, a tool and die manufacturer. She finished her schooling from Saegertown High School, Pennsylvania and went on to pursue a degree in creative writing and fine arts from Edinboro State University of Pennsylvania.

Sharon Stone

She surprised everyone with her decision to enter the world of entertainment despite her strong IQ and academic background. She won the title of Miss Crawford County in Meadville in 1995 which gave her confidence to pursue a career in glitz and glamour. As soon as she shifted base to New JerseSharon Stoney in 1977 to live with an aunt, she was signed up by the Ford modeling agency.

Sharon Stone appeared in TV commercials for Burger King, Clairol and Maybelline. Her first movie appearance was in 1980, in Woody Allen's Stardust Memories (1980). Later followed more tits and bits parts in movies like Wes Craven's horror movie, Deadly Blessing (1981), Action Jackson (1988), King Solomon's Mines (1985) etc.

She got her first major role opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall in the year 1990. The actress soon followed it up with her most controversial and famous movie till date being Basic Instinct opposite Michael Douglas. Herein, Sharon Stone played the role of a bisexual serial killer convincingly. In fact, the interrogation scene in the movie became one of the most talked about ones in history due to over exposure in terms of nudity.

A series of movies followed where time and again she proved her mettle in roles essayed by heSharon Stoner. In fact, she even won a Golden Globe Award in 1996 for Best Actress in a Dramatic Motion Picture for her role as "Ginger" in Martin Scorsese's Casino opposite Robert DeNiro. The actress also earned herself a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1995.

Sharon Stone also made a foray into television with a guest appearance in the law series "The Practice" which even earned her the Emmy award for her performance. After that she tried a comeback with movies like Catwoman (2004) and Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction (2006). Both of the movies however, failed to create any ripples at the box office.

A follower of Buddhism, the actress has been married twice. Currently, she is rumored to have bisexual inclinations. Sharon Stone has adopted three children so far being, Roan Joseph Bronstein, Laird Vonne Ston and, Quinn Kelly.

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Jennifer Aniston: "It's My Time"

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston

has certainly come a long way from her days as Rachel Green on Friends. The 39-year-old actress has successfully moved on from her sitcom days, able to take on leading lady roles in several hit movies over the past decade. Her new movie Marley and Me adds yet another feather to her cap, and her life in front of and beyond the cameras could not get any better.

"I just feel like, you know, every woman that's ever said - or man - that's said it just gets better, I just agree," she gushes to the press in a recent interview, adding, "You don't know as much as you know in your 20s as you do in Jennifer Anistonyour 30s as you do when you are... I'm startin' to live. And it's really good!"

Her recent and much talked-about stint as GQ covergirl, where she posed buck naked save for a strategically placed necktie, is proof of her growing confidence with her body and her reputation. "It's funny. I mean, I honestly see it as a different person," she says of the cover. "It's just - well, because tJennifer Anistonhe headlines are outrageous, you usually get a kick out of that. But you just kind of go - you try to walk past it as fast as you possibly can, honestly."

While Aniston had complained before that her personal life was purely "none of people's "(expletive) business," she has come to terms with the fact that people tend to stare at her in public. "It's amazing how you can sort of start to tune them out."

Having played the lead in romantic comedies such as Along Came Polly and The Breakup, Aniston is glad that Marley and Me is a slight and healthy change of pace. She claims that it was "so nice not starring in your normal romantic comedy, where it's all about getting the guy or getting the girl... we get to actually tell the story."

Not to be outdone by her onscreen flames, her real-life romantic endeavors are going strong with "Your Body is a Wonderland" singer John Mayer.

For more celebrity news and gossip, visit Celebrity Gossip Hollywood.

Julia Roberts Becomes the Hollywood's Sweetheart

"Pretty Woman" was originally scripted as a dark drama about prostitution in Los Angeles, but thankfully movie producer Laura Ziskin said "No" and what started out as a very brooding, negative film turned into one of the most popular and financially successful romantic comedies of all time. Find out why.

With a production cost of $14 million and a worldwide gross of $464 million, Laura Ziskin had to be smiling all of the way to the bank.

Pretty Woman's title character, Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts), is a down-on-her-luck prostitute who is hired by Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), a wealthy businessman and corporate raider, as arm candy for several business functions.

The arrangement works well but begins to get complicated when Edward discovers Vivian is not just a hooker from Hollywood Boulevard but also a woman of substance, and Vivian finds herself falling in love in a situation that essentially has no future.

There is nothing positive about the common perception of a hooker, but Vivian smashes through the normal perceptions by quickly getting viewers past her obvious good looks and revealing her inner beauty, transparent feelings and uncompromising commitment by not settling for a comfortable, Edward-financed lifestyle as arm candy and companion.

Her willingness to walk away from the fee arrangement for her gig ultimately gets Edward's attention, and a Hollywood story line takes over. Vivian becomes so likeable we want to cheer for her as she stands her ground and forces Edward to make a decision. Both Vivian and Edward experience some serious personal growth that moviegoers can relate to and appreciate.

The story line reminds me of George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, which became the basis for the Broadway musical "My Fair Lady" with Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle, a poor flower girl who morphs into a beautiful princess. The character of Vivian also reminds me of Audrey Hepburn's role as Holly Golightly, another lady of the night in "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

Director Garry Marshall completely avoids negatives in this film by wisely handling Vivian's role, and playing the characters around her like a concert master fine tuning an orchestra. His work went a long way in helping Pretty Woman win a Golden Globe for Best Picture. Richard Gere picked up a Golden Globe for Best Actor, and Hector Elizondo won a Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe as the hotel manager Barney Thompson.

The shining star in Pretty Woman was Julia Roberts. She was a relative unknown at the time, and walked away with a Golden Globe as Best Actress and an Academy Award nomination as Best Actress.

Pretty Woman, released in 1990, was notable for the number of leading ladies who turned down the role of Vivian, including Molly Ringwald, Meg Ryan, Michelle Pfeiffer and Daryl Hannah. Julia Roberts really won the role by default, but she made the most of her opportunity and the movie quickly made her Hollywood's newest sweetheart, a role she held for nearly 15 years.

Al Pacino also turned down the role of Edward Lewis, leaving the door open for Richard Gere.

Here is some key trivia in the movie:

1) The opera in San Francisco that Edward flies Vivian to in a private jet is "La Traviata", the tale of a Parisian courtesan who falls in love with a wealthy young man.

2) Richard Gere actually plays the piano himself in a late night scene, he even composed the music that he plays.

3) The sports car Edward borrows at the beginning of the movie is a Lotus Esprit. Ferrari and Porsche turned down the advertising opportunity because they did not want to be associated with soliciting prostitutes. Lotus won big time as its Esprit sales tripled during the next year.

The film also benefited from its title and association to "Oh, Pretty Woman", Roy Orbison's worldwide hit recorded 26 years earlier.

I really liked Pretty Woman and not just because of Julia Roberts' jump-off-the-screen attractiveness, especially after Edward escorts Vivian to Rodeo Drive for a shopping spree, proving that clothes can complete even a very attractive woman. Even more important is her courage, determination, substance and dignity under stress.

If you like relationship movies and romantic comedies, Pretty Woman is a must see.

Copyright © 2008 Ed Bagley

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Read more of my other reviews on romantic comedies, including "Four Romantic Comedies That Will Not Stress Your Emotions", "Mystic Pizza", "Something's Gotta Give", "The Holiday", "What Women Want", "Failure to Launch" and "For Love or Money".

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Love Hina

This anime story revolved around Urashima Keitaro. When Keitaro was a child, he has a little girl friend. When the girl had to move away, the two made a promise to meet each other at Tokyo University when they grew up. Year later, Keitaro has failed his entrance exam twice and his parents refuse to support him any longer. His grandmother gives him refuge and employment as caretaker of her inn, which just happens to serve as a female dormitory. The eclectic group of tenants tease, annoy and berate him to no end. Still, Keitaro won’t ever give up his promise to meet his childhood friend again, even though he can’t remember her name. This Japanese animation has a funny story and character, I recommended this as the funniest romantic comedy anime.

Biography of Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet was born on October 5, 1975 in Reading, England. She was born to a family that had acting in their blood and that each one of them practiced. Both of her grandparents were theatre managers and her parents were actors. That is why they were so proud when she had the interest to dabble into acting herself. As only a small child she began her love of acting and made her first appearance on British television when she was only seven in a commercial.

In 1988 she was cast in the series Shrinks and only three years later she chose to leave her school in order to make an acting career. Winslet's next big role was in the British stage productions Peter Pan and Adrian Mole. She was also seen many times in the British sitcom Get Back. It wasn't long for people to take notice of her extraordinary acting abilities and she was cast in her debut film in 1994 in Heavenly Creatures that was directed by Peter Jackson.

But audiences wouldn't really take notice of her until her role as the high spirited Marianne Dashwood in Ang Lee's film adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. This movie gave her a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Soon she was landing roles left and right and landed herself on the A-list for leading ladies after starring in the hit drama Titanic. Winslet was once again nominated for another Best Actress Academy Award for her role in Titanic.

Kate Winslet met Jim Threapleton on the set of the movie she was starring in Hideous Kinky in which he was the assistant director. They married in 1998 and had a daughter - Mia - together. Unfortunately the couple had problems and in 2001 they divorced. In 2003 Winslet married Sam Mended the Oscar winning director of American Beauty.

Actress Kate Winslet has proven to the world that she has what it takes to create successful movies. Learn about other Celebrities and what new things are going on in their world.

Top Five Action Heroes of Hollywood

Hollywood action heroes have always enthralled us with their lager than life actions and out of the world stunts. We have been fascinated by their charisma, valor and styles. It seems an amazing fact that action films never go out of style and thus action heroes live in our dreams for year after year. No one can ever forget Sylvester Stallone in the Rambo series. Or even, it is impossible to forget Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator. These are the Hollywood action movies, which made the heroes immortal.

In this article we will be discussing the top five Hollywood action heroes. It is not very easy to select five heroes from such a huge number. All of these heroes have their own charm, style and attraction. But some of them make a permanent place in the heart of the millions of action movie buffs.

The first action hero has got to be Clint Eastwood. The Good, bad and the ugly have made him the all time favorite action hero. Clint Eastwood is famous for making films, which are based on the backdrop of the Wild West part of America. Clint Eastwood is considered as almost a legend in the Hollywood Film Industry. His contribution in the Hollywood film industry is unfathomable. Some of the other most important films of Clint Eastwood are the Unforgiven, Absolute Power, Dirty Harry, and Where Eagle Dare.

Sylvester Stallone has created phenomenon when he played the role of Rambo. He played the role of an army officer who excelled in guerilla warfare tactics. The secret life of the guerilla warrior enthralled the audience world over. Other famous movies of Sylvester Stallone are Rocky, Specialist and many more. Rocky is the movie based upon the life of a boxer. This action packed movie became such a huge success that the producers kept on making 5 Rocky movies sequentially. The character played by Sylvester also became very popular which was named Rocky Balboa.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made history when he appeared in and as the Terminator. Terminator was a huge hit and people loved the action packed fiction movie. The emergence of a new era where man and machine co exists made a long lasting impact on the minds of the young generation. The sequel of this movie also made quite a successful business. After this movie Arnold Schwarzenegger became the ultimate action hero of all time. He was a body builder and also won the Mr. Universe title in his younger days. His other most watched films include True Lies, Total Recall and many more.

Jackie Chan came a long way from Honk Kong to make it big in Hollywood. He had a small time career as an action hero and a stunt director in Honk Kong. Later he came to Hollywood to pursue his biggest dream. His style of action combined with a fantastic sense of humor made him Jackie Chan. His most successful films include Armor of Gods, Rumble in the Bronx, Shanghai Knights, and Shanghai Noon.

Van Damm is considered as one of the most successful action heroes. His most successful films include Double Impact, Blood Sport and many more. Van Damms look and all his fans liked his style. His techniques and styles were fresh and created new genre of action movies.

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Up coming Movie X Men Origins Wolverine

X Men Origins Wolverine

20th Century Fox
Director : Gavin Hood
Writer :
David Benioff
In Theaters: 2009-05-01

Starring: Daniel Henney, Danny Huston, Dominic Monaghan, Hugh Jackman, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Liev Schreiber, Lynn Collins, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Kitsch,,%202009%20release-thumb.jpg

Watch X Men Origins Wolverine (2009) movie Exclusive Trailer with movie Story line and Complete cast credits.

Preview of X Men Origins Wolverine movie

X-men Origins Wolverine is one of the most anticipated movies of 2009. Oscar-winning director Gavin Hood, producer and star Hugh Jackman will no doubt bring us a great movie full of action.It will be released in the U.S. on May 1, 2009.

A prequel to the X-Men trilogy, "X-Men Origins Wolverine" puts its focus on chronicling the violent and romantic early life of the titular character. The story will include his participation on the Weapon X program and his complex relationship with Victor Creed.Developed under the direction of "Rendition" helmer Gavin Hood, it is top lined by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and sees Sabretooth and Deadpool coming to life through Liev Schreiber and Ryan Reynolds respectively.

Using several resources that include the Marvel Comics lore, along with the more recent Weapon X graphic novels by Frank Miller, "Wolverine" mixes action with an origin story about how Logan emerged from a barbaric experiment as an indestructible mutant with retractable razor-sharp claws.

Movie Trailer

Most Ten Classic Movie Actresses to Know and Love

They were the earliest stars of the silver screen. Classic movie actresses stole the hearts of movie-goers everywhere and the admiration lives on through modern times. Here are ten actresses that have made a mark on Hollywood and our hearts.

Katharine Hepburn often marched to the beat of a different drummer, and that drummer was Hepburn herself. She dared to wear pants when it wasn’t ladylike to do so, and she took on her male counterparts with an unmatched tenacity. At one time, she was labeled “box office poison,” but she bounced back with the hit film The Philadelphia Story and her career never looked back after that.

Lauren Bacall made it big after co-starring in To Have and Have Not with Humphrey Bogart. The on-screen romance eventually made its way off-screen to develop one of the most famed couplings in Hollywood history. Bacall made four movies with Bogart, and devoted much of her time to him as a wife and mother to their children.

Audrey Hepburn was not related to Katharine, but there are similarities. They both held unique accents and were quite distinguishable from other actresses. While Kate was a tomboy, Audrey was very feminine. Her impressive filmography includes Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My Fair Lady, Sabrina, and Charade.

Barbara Stanwyck defined the role of femme fatale when she played a woman who killed her husband in the film Double Indemnity. But it didn’t typecast her. She was a versatile actress with impeccable emotional depth. Stanwyck was considered gracious and agreeable on set. Her success as an actress can also be seen in Executive Suite, Forbidden, and Christmas in Connecticut.

Bette Davis was a demanding actress who knew what she wanted. The same qualities were also reflected in many of her characters. She was a force to be reckoned with, and her perseverance eventually achieved roles that later garnered two Oscars. Her must-see films include Jezebel, Dangerous, What Happened to Baby Jane? and All About Eve.

Joan Crawford is generally remembered for her dark roles, but she should be remembered for a career that tackled many a varied character. She is reported to have been very generous to her fans, though not as successful with her family. Both may have resulted from her tough work ethic. Her most famous films include Mildred Pierce, Humoresque, What Happened to Baby Jane? and Possessed.

Jean Arthur is another classic movie actress with a distinct voice. Bernadette Peters’ voice is very reminiscent of it. Arthur was a cute blond who worked often with famed director Frank Capra. She also played along some of Old Hollywood’s most famous leading men. She was paired with Cary Grant in Only Angels Have Wings, with James Stewart in the political drama, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington as well as You Can’t Take It With You, and Gary Cooper in Mr. Deeds Goes to Town.

Ginger Rogers was best known as Fred Astaire’s dancing partner. But she held her own when not paired with the top hat. She was a menacing roommate in an actress boarding house in Stage Door. And she was the bride her new husband, played by James Stewart, was embarrassed to introduce to his parents in Vivacious Lady.

Ingrid Bergman starred in one of the most celebrated films of all time, Casablanca. While many of her movies were European films, she had a nice set of films in American cinema. The other film she is known for is Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious, a spy movie co-starring Cary Grant.

Lucille Ball is the original favorite redhead made a superstar by her starring role in the television series, I Love Lucy. Unfortunately, her film work is often underrated. She starred in four films with Bob Hope and had an impressive supporting role in Stage Door. In her pre-Lucy films, it is hard to recognize her. But that’s not a bad thing. Her acting is simply un-Lucy like and showcases Ball’s incredible ability to perform a variety of characters.

These actresses paved the way for modern women in Hollywood. Their tenacity during a time when women were not considered equal is to be remembered and respected.

Nathania Johnson is the author of a blog about classic movies and Old Hollywood.

Serial Experiment Lain

Serial Experiments Lain anime draws influence from philosophical subjects such as Reality, Identity and Communication. This Japanese animation series focused on Lain Iwakura an adolescent girl living in suburban Japan and her introduction to the Wired, a global communication network similar to the internet. Lain lives with her middle class family which consist of her inexpressive older sister Mika, her cold as ice mother and her computer obsessed father. The first ripple on the pond of Lain’s lonely life appears when she learns that girls from her school have received an e-mail from Chisa Yomoda, a schoolmate who committed suicide. When Lain receives the message at home, Chisa tell her (in real time) that she is not dead, but has just abandoned the flesh and has found God in the Wired. From then on, Lain is bound to a quest that will take her ever deeper into both the network and her own thoughts.

Top 5 Favorite Places of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, the most talked about American celebutante/socialite of 2008 is out and about! She posted her “Favorite Ways to Spend a Day” on her MySpace page. Here is a list of her “Top 5” places to go. Who knows… maybe you’ll see Kim Kardashian there!

1. Ed’s Coffee Shop - 460 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90048

Ed’s Coffee Shop is awesome! It has a 1960’s diner look and serves anything from egg salad to burgers and sandwiches. You can even get a slice of homemade pie or grilled cheese if that’s all you want! Everything is made fresh and served with outstanding service. It is a local favorite, even for the celebrities. This classic diner seats up to 45 people and takes cash only. The good news is that the food is amazing and cheap! The average price for one person ranges from $9-$15. No reservations are required. However, they are only open for breakfast and lunch (Mon-Fri 7 a.m.–3 p.m. and Sat 7 a.m.-1 p.m.), so get there quick!

2. Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt - 9409 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Pinkberry is a franchise that serves an amazing frozen dessert. Available in Original, Green Tea and Coffee, this frozen yogurt type dessert is a must have. Pinkberry has been getting great publicity and in-store traffic since the opening of their first store in 2005. They are a few exclusive locations in New York, but most of the stores are dispersed throughout Southern California. There are numerous toppings to choose from, but the most common tend to be the fresh fruit, almonds and coconut.

3. Beverly Hills Nail Design – 423 N Bedford Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

This nail salon is located on Bedford Dr in the heart of Beverly Hills. They provide massages, manicures and pedicures at an affordable price. Whether you’re out shopping or need you nails done bad, you should definitely drop by for a worthwhile manicure. You can even catch some of Hollywood’s most popular celebrities in there on a regular basis.

4. Four Seasons Westlake – 2 Dole Dr, Westlake Village, CA 91362

Four Seasons Hotels, Inc. is a five-star luxury hotel chain. The Four Seasons Westlake is a perfect escape from the big city of Los Angeles. From spa treatments, yoga, swimming and dinning, The Four Seasons is one of the best in the business. You can even plan an event of wedding.

5. Pacific Coast Highway – Malibu, CA 90265

The Pacific Coast Highway runs along the Pacific Ocean through the city of Malibu. Zuma Beach and Surfrider Beach are among Malibu’s main tourists attraction. Other attractions include the California State Parks, the Malibu Pier, Malibu Civic Center and the numerous restaurants. This part of Malibu is also the home to many of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.


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